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State law requires state agencies to develop models and guidance to promote parent and family engagement.

C.R.S. 22-7-304. Council - advisory duties - technical assistance - report

(1) The council shall inform, at a minimum, the early childhood councils and the early childhood care and education councils created pursuant to article 6.5 of title 26, C.R.S., public schools, school districts, the state charter school institute, the department, the state board, the department of higher education, the Colorado commission on higher education, and the governing boards for the state institutions of higher education concerning best practices and strategies, aligned with the national standards for family-school partnerships, for increasing parent involvement in public education and promoting family and school partnerships, including but not limited to best practices and strategies in the following areas:

  • (a) Creating and implementing programs to effectively involve parents in improving their children's education and levels of academic achievement. To identify these best practices and strategies, the council shall review the programs implemented in other states and the results of state and national research conducted in this area.

  • (b) Involving parents in programs to raise academic achievement, increase high school graduation rates, decrease student dropout rates, and close the achievement and growth gap;

  • (c) Involving parents in response to intervention programs in public schools and school districts;

  • (d) Involving parents in programs to raise academic achievement, improve the persistence rate, and improve the on-time graduation rate of students enrolled in institutions of higher education;

  • (e) Increasing parent involvement in education-related committees at the local and state levels;

  • (f) Designing and implementing parent education programs and centers and parent leadership training programs;

  • (g) Creating and implementing family-to-school liaison positions; and

  • (h) Establishing and implementing school-based parent information resource centers.

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