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State law requires state agencies to develop models and guidance to promote parent and family engagement.

2017 Tennessee Code Annotated 49-6-308. Pilot program to improve parent-teacher engagement.

(a) The department of education shall establish in six (6) public schools a three-year pilot program to improve parent-teacher engagement in any grade from kindergarten through grade two (K-2). The department shall create an application process for schools interested in participating in the program, and shall strive to select six (6) public schools that satisfy the following criteria:

  • (1) Two (2) schools from each grand division of the state;
  • (2) At least one (1) urban, one (1) rural, and one (1) suburban school;
  • (3) At least one (1) school that primarily serves a minority population; and
  • (4) At least two (2) schools in which eighty percent (80%) or more of the school's student population is eligible for free or reduced price lunch.

(b) The program shall begin with the 2018-2019 school year. Each school selected by the department to participate in the program shall be trained using a best practices model in the summer before any school selected to participate in the program is scheduled to begin classes for the 2018-2019 school year. The department shall organize a meeting with administrators from each of the schools selected to participate in the program, at which time the schools shall agree on the criteria to be used for the program from the chosen best practices model.

2017 Tennessee Code Annotated 49-6-7004. Parental involvement contracts.

(c) The department of education shall develop a model parental involvement contract that may be used by LEAs. The model parental involvement contract shall provide that a parent will commit to do at least the following:

  • (1) Review homework assignments and offer assistance when needed;
  • (2) Sign report cards;
  • (3) Ensure that the student gets to school each day, on time and ready to learn;
  • (4) Demonstrate interest in the student's well-being by attending school functions and supporting the student's school activities; and
  • (5) Make every effort to attend parent-teacher conferences.

(d) In signing a contract, the parent shall agree to maintain within the parent's best efforts involvement with the parent's child's education to the extent required by the contract. The contract should include a means for a parent to explain any obstacles that may prevent the parent from complying with the contract. If a contract includes an explanation of obstacles that may prevent the parent from complying with the contract, then school employees shall consider accessing possible resources to help overcome the obstacles identified.

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