Pennsylvania - HE K-12 curriculum—benefits of physical activity (HS): Curricula

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State law addresses physical activity.

The Pennsylvania Code § 4.23. High school education.

(c) Planned instruction aligned with academic standards in the following areas shall be provided to every student in the high school program.

  • (8) Health, safety and physical education, including instruction in concepts and skills which affect personal, family and community health and safety, nutrition, physical fitness, movement concepts, motor skill development, safety in physical activity settings, and the prevention of alcohol, chemical and tobacco abuse.

    The Pennsylvania Code § 4.83. [Reserved].

Physical Activity 10.4.
A. Physical Activities That Promote Health and Fitness
B. Effects of Regular Participation
C. Responses of the Body Systems to Physical Activity
D. Physical Activity Preferences
E. Physical Activity and Motor Skill Improvement
F. Physical Activity and Group Interaction

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