West Virginia - HE K-12 curriculum—violence prevention (HS): Curricula

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statute; regulation

State law addresses violence prevention.

West Virginia Code 18-2-7b. Programs in drug prevention and violence reduction.

(a) In order for the schools to become healthy learning environments and to provide a strong defense against drug use and violence, the State Board of Education shall prescribe programs within the existing health and physical education program which teach resistance and life skills to counteract societal and peer pressure to use drugs, alcohol and tobacco,and shall include counselors, teachers and staff in full implementation of the program. The board shall also prescribe programs to coordinate violence reduction efforts in schools and between schools and their communities and to train students, teachers, counselors and staff in conflict resolution skills. The program shall be comprehensive, interdisciplinary and shall begin in elementary school.

Code of State Rules 44E Next Generation Health Education 5-12 Content Standards and Objective for West Virginia Schools (252.5)

High School Health Content Standards and Objectives

Standard: 4

HE.HS.4.04 identify potentially harmful situations (e.g., domestic violence, dating violence) and devise strategies and develop skills to avoid such situations through refusal, negotiation and collaboration skills (e.g., peer mediation, conflict resolution, support groups, constructive “I” statements).
West Virginia Secretary of State

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