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Health Education K-12 Curriculum—Mental and Emotional Health—HS

Health Education K-12 Curriculum—Mental and Emotional Health—HS

State law addresses mental and emotional health.

Oregon Health Education Standard and Performance Indicators


  • HE.1.12.1 Predict how healthy behaviors can affect health status.
  • HE.1.12.2 Describe the interrelationships of physical, mental, social, emotional, and environmental health.
  • HE.1.12.3 Explain how environment (both physical and social) and personal health are interrelated.
  • HE.1.12.4 Justify ways to reduce or prevent injuries and health problems.
  • HE.1.12.5 Describe the importance of accessing medical care and self-care and exams.
  • HE.1.12.6 Explain how genetics and family history can impact personal health.
  • HE.1.12.7 Identify and analyze barriers that prevent people from practicing a variety of healthy behaviors.
  • HE.1.12.8 Explain disparities that exist between access to health care and health status.
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Oregon Health Education Standard and Performance Indicators: Grades K - 12

Health Education Standard help define the knowledge and skills students will need throughout their K-12 experience. Standard also provide consistency in what is taught to students across our state to ensure equity in education. Quality health education is characterized by Standard-based instruction and provides students with the knowledge and skills needed to lead healthy lives. Health-literate people are able to obtain and apply knowledge and skills to enhance their own health and the health of others — both now and in the future as their needs change throughout their lives. ODE is in the process of developing guidance documents to assist districts with implementation of the new Standard, and will be conducting an instructional materials review process in the summer of 2017. Districts should be implementing instructional materials aligned to the new Standard in the fall of 2018.

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