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Health Education K-12 Curriculum—Violence Prevention—ES

Health Education K-12 Curriculum—Violence Prevention—ES

State law addresses violence prevention

Alabama Youth Violence Prevention Plan

Promote education on youth violence. a. Support comprehensive school violence prevention curriculum in grades K-12.

b. Support programs that conduct anti-bullying, conflict resolution and mediation activities for youth.

c. Support ongoing effort of the Alabama Department of Education to provide proactive youth development and counseling services.

d. Support statewide communication campaign to heighten public awareness and individual and community responsibility for preventing youth violence.

Policy Type

Code of Alabama 16-1-24.2 Department of Education to develop statewide violence prevention program

(b) The Department of Education shall develop a statewide violence prevention program using such resources as law-related education and guidance counseling procedures to develop violence prevention curricula for grades K through twelve, to provide training to teachers and school administrators on violence prevention, and to develop school-community partnerships for violence prevention.

Policy Type