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Health Education Teaches Skills for a Healthy Life

Health Education Teaches Skills for a Healthy Life

State law recommends teaching knowledge, attitudes, and skills for making health-promoting decisions and healthy behaviors.

Alaska Health Education Standard

A. A student should be able to acquire a core knowledge related to well-being. A student who meets the content standard should:

  1. Understand that a person's well-being is the integration of health knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors;
  2. Understand how the human body is affected by behaviors related to eating habits, physical fitness, personal hygiene, harmful substances, safety, and environmental conditions;
  3. Understand and identify the causes, preventions, and treatments for diseases, disorders, injuries, and addictions;
  4. Recognize patterns of abuse directed at self or others and understand how to break these patterns;
  5. Use knowledge and skills to promote the well-being of the family;
  6. Use knowledge and skills related to physical fitness, consumer health, independent living, and career choices to contribute to well-being;
  7. Understand the physical and behavioral characteristics of human sexual development and maturity; and
  8. Understand the ongoing life changes throughout the life span and healthful responses to these changes.
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