Outline of the state of Virginia

Health Education Teaches Skills for a Healthy Life

Health Education Teaches Skills for a Healthy Life

State law requires teaching knowledge, attitudes, and skills for making health-promoting decisions and healthy behaviors.

Virginia 2015 Health Standard of Learning

Goals and Strands

The purpose of health education is to develop health-literate students–students who acquire an understanding of health concepts and the skills needed to make healthy decisions to improve, sustain, and promote personal, family, and community health. As a result of health education instruction, students will be able to:

  • Access, evaluate, and synthesize information to protect, enhance, and advocate for their own and others’ health, well-being, and safety across their lifespan;

  • Critically analyze health information from a variety of sources (scientific information, health brochures, media messages, and Web sites) to make appropriate health decisions and access services needed to prevent or treat illness; and

  • Develop and use personal, behavioral, social and cognitive skills and strategies to promote a sense of personal identity and well-being and to build and manage respectful relationships.

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