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Allowed for religious or moral reasons

Vaccination Waiver

Vaccination Waiver

State law allows waivers for religious or moral reasons.

Delaware Administrative Code 14-800-804 Immunizations

7.1 Exemption from this requirement may be granted in accordance with 14 Del.C. §131 and this regulation which permits approved medical and notarized religious exemptions.

  • 7.1.1 Medical exemptions shall be considered based on a written statement from a physician, i.e., medical doctor or doctor of osteopathy, stating that immunization is medically contraindicated.

    • The Delaware Division of Public Health shall review and determine approval.
  • 7.1.2 Religious exemptions shall be approved upon receipt of a notarized Affidavit of Religious Belief, and the school shall offer information regarding the benefits of immunization and the risks of not being fully immunized.

  • 7.1.3 Upon approval of a medical or religious exemption, the school shall inform the parent, legal guardian, Relative Caregiver, or a School Enterer who has reached the statutory age of majority (18), that the student shall be temporarily excluded from school in the event the Division of Public Health declares an outbreak of a vaccine preventable disease or determines the student has had or is at risk

Policy Type

Delaware Code 131 Public school enrollee's immunization program; exemptions

(6) Provision for exemption from the immunization program for an enrollee whose parents or legal guardian, because of individual religious beliefs, reject the concept of immunization.

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