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Allowed for religious or moral reasons

Vaccination Waiver

Vaccination Waiver

State law allows waivers for religious or moral reasons.

South Carolina Code of State Regulations 61–8. Immunization Requirements for School and Childcare Attendance

A. Students may be exempt from the immunization requirements of this regulation for the following reasons:

    1. Medical Exemption.
  • A Medical Exemption, may be granted when a licensed physician has determined, for medical reasons, that a particular vaccine(s) required by this regulation is not advisable for the child. The exemption is granted when the physician or his/her authorized representative completes and signs the South Carolina Certificate of Immunization containing the Medical Exemption. The physician must indicate whether the exemption is permanent or temporary. If the exemption is temporary, an updated South Carolina Certificate of Immunization showing proof of immunization must be presented to the school or childcare by the end of the exemption period.
    1. Religious Exemption.
  • A South Carolina Certificate of Religious Exemption may be granted to any student whose parent, guardian, or person in loco parentis signs the appropriate section of the South Carolina Certificate of Religious Exemption stating that one or more immunizations conflicts with their religious beliefs. The Certificate of Religious Exemption form may only be obtained from the local health department.
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