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Physical Education Teacher Qualifications

Physical Education Teacher Qualifications

State law requires that newly hired staff who teach PE must be certified, licensed, or endorsed by the state in PE.

3 V.I.C. _ 321

(a)The Commission shall promote its recognition that it is a fundamental objective of the Virgin Islands Education System to nurture an enquiring mind in a fit body and the future emergence of sports elite will depend on the development of a structured approach to sports in the primary, secondary and university levels of education. The Virgin Islands National Sports Policy must therefore seek to ensure that:

  • (1)Sports are included as an integral part of the school curriculum and that a teaching manual be designed for physical education in schools, public and private;
  • (2)Sports are promoted as a viable career opportunity;
  • (3)All schools establish a structured sporting program which incorporates every student unless medically certified;
  • (4)Physical education is taught at all levels of the education system; and
  • (5)Every physical education teacher is duly certified.
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