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Physical Education Teacher Qualifications

Physical Education Teacher Qualifications

State law recommends newly hired staff who teach PE be certified, licensed, or endorsed by the state in PE.

Alabama Administrative Code 290-3-1- .02 Regulations Governing Public Schools.

  1. Providing a properly certified physical education teacher as specified in the certification Subject and Personnel Codes.
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Alabama Course of Study: Physical Education Certified Physical Education Teacher Required

Daily physical education classes for all students in Grades K-8 must be taught or supervised by teachers certified in physical education (Alabama State Board of Education Resolution F-17, February 1984). All elementary physical education classes must be taught by or under the supervision of one of the following certified personnel:

    1. A certified physical education teacher employed to teach physical education,
    1. An aide employed to provide instruction in physical education while under the supervision of a certified physical education teacher, or
    1. A classroom teacher certified to teach physical education only to their own students.
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