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Water Quality

Water Quality

State law requires districts to address water quality in schools.

26 GAR § 4710 Water Supply

(a) Each school building shall be provided with an ample supply of water from an approved public water system. Water supply shall be safe and of sanitary quality.

(b) Drinking water dispensed by means of drinking fountains, cups and water coolers shall conform to the following:

  • (1) Drinking fountains:

  • a. Drinking fountains shall be kept clean and in good repair.

  • b. Drinking fountains shall be provided in the ratio of one (1) per each seventy-five (75) students.

  • c. Drinking fountains shall be constructed of impervious material, such as stainless steel, vitreous china, porcelain, enamel, or stoneware.

  • d. The jet of the drinking fountain shall issue from a nozzle of non-oxidizing, impervious material set at an angle from the vertical so as to prevent the return of water in the jet to the orifice or orifices from whence the jet issues. The nozzle and every other opening in the water pipe or conductor leading to the nozzle shall be above the edge of the bowl.

  • e. The end of the nozzle shall be protected by a non-oxidizing guard to prevent the mouth and nose of a person using the fountain from coming into contact with the nozzle.

  • f. The bowl of a drinking fountain shall be free from corners so as to be easily cleanable and to avoid collection of dirt.

  • g. Drinking fountains shall not have a direct physical connection with waste pipe unless the drain is trapped.

  • h. The waste opening and pipe shall be provided with a strainer and be of sufficient size to carry off the water promptly.

  • (2) Single service cups shall be used for dispensing drinking water from imported bottled spring water or water coolers. Single service cups shall be stored, handled, and dispensed in a sanitary manner.

  • (3) Water coolers used for dispensing drinking water shall be provided with a cover, and shall be kept clean. Dipping of water from a water cooler is prohibited.

  • (4) Other cups such as individually owned cups shall be used only by one (1) owner.

(c) The school water supply system shall be in a good working order at all times so as to adequately supply the water demand of the school.

(d) All water outlets shall be protected from back-flow either by air gap or back-flow prevention devices. There shall be no existing or potential cross-connection or back-siphonage problems anywhere in the school building or its premises.

(e) Any water outlet with a threaded, serrated, or quick coupling nozzle, shall be provided with a vacuum breaker.

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