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Water Quality

Water Quality

State law requires districts to address water quality in schools.

Kentucky Administrative Regulations 902 45:150. School sanitation.

Section 2. Water Supply. (1)

  • (a) The water supply shall be potable and from an approved public water supply, if available.
  • (b) If an approved public water supply is not available, the supply for the school shall be developed and approved pursuant to applicable requirements of the Energy and Environment Cabinet. If an approved public water supply subsequently becomes available, connections shall be made to it and the school supply shall be discontinued. (2) The water supply shall be of adequate quantity and under sufficient pressure to permit unrestricted use. (3)
  • (a) All drinking fountain installations shall meet the requirements of the State Plumbing Code and shall be maintained in proper working order with adequate pressure and in a clean sanitary condition. Provision shall be made so that small children can drink with ease.
  • (b) In lieu of water fountains, portable drinking water containers may be used. If portable drinking water containers are used, they shall be of easily cleanable construction, kept securely closed and designed so that water may be withdrawn from the container only by water tap or faucet, and shall be maintained in a sanitary condition.
  • (c) If paper drinking cups are used, they shall be stored and dispensed in a sanitary manner and discarded after use. Common drinking cups shall not be used.
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