Outline of the state of Hawaii

Bullying Policy—Prohibitions

Bullying Policy—Prohibitions

State law prohibits bullying behavior.

Hawaii Administrative Rules 8-19 Student Misconduct, Discipline, School Searches and Seizures, Reporting Offenses, Police Interviews, and Arrests and Restitution for Vandalism.

(a) The following prohibited conduct applies to all students in the public school system, on campus, or other department of education premises, on department of education transportation, or during a department of education sponsored activity or event on or off school property.

  • (1) Class A offenses

  • (A) Assault;

  • (B) Burglary;

  • (C) Dangerous instrument, or substance; possession or use of;

  • (D) Dangerous weapons; possession, or use of;

  • (E) Drug paraphernalia; possession, use, or sale of;

  • (F) Extortion;

  • (G) Fighting;

  • (H) Firearms; possession or use of;

  • (I) Homicide;

  • (J) Illicit drugs; possession, use, or sale of;

  • (K) Intoxicating substances; possession, use, or sale of;

  • (L) Property damage or vandalism;

  • (M) Robbery;

  • (N) Sexual offenses; or

  • (O) Terroristic threatening.

  • (2) Class B offenses:

  • (A) Bullying;

  • (B) Cyberbullying;

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