Outline of the state of Arkansas

Bullying Policy—Prohibitions

Bullying Policy—Prohibitions

State law prohibits bullying behavior.

Arkansas Code 6-18-514. Antibullying policies

(c) Bullying of a public school student or a public school employee is prohibited. […] (f)

  • (1) Each public school district board of directors shall adopt policies to prevent bullying.
  • (2) The policies shall:
    • (B) Prohibit:
      • (i) Bullying while in school, on school equipment or property, in school vehicles, on school buses, at designated school bus stops, at school-sponsored activities, or at school-sanctioned events; or
      • (ii)
      • (a) Cyberbullying that results in the substantial disruption of the orderly operation of the school or educational environment.
      • (b) This section applies to cyberbullying whether or not the cyberbullying originated on school property or with school equipment if the cyberbullying is directed specifically at students or school personnel and maliciously intended for the purpose of disrupting school and has a high likelihood of succeeding in that purpose.
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