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School Resource Officer Training

School Resource Officer Training

State law requires SROs to complete specialized training to meet the safety needs of the school environment.

23 V.I.C. § 1204 Powers and duties of the Council

(a) The Council is vested with the following functions and powers to:

  • (1) Meet at such times and places as it may consider necessary;
  • (2) Contract with other agencies, public or private, or persons as it considers necessary for the rendering and affording of such service, facilities, studies and reports to the Council as will best assist it to carry out its duties and responsibilities;
  • (3) Participate with and secure the cooperation of every department, agency or instrumentality in the furtherance of the purpose of this chapter;
  • (4) Establish the Standard for training of personnel to staff the territorial Police and Correction Training Academy;
  • (5) Determine the qualifications for acceptance to the Territorial Peace Officers Standardized Training School;
  • (6) Establish the minimum requirements for employment as a temporary, probationary, emergency, and/or part-time position as a peace officer;
  • (7) Develop the curriculum and course of study for the certification of a peace officer;
  • (8) Establish the requirements for peace officers to be re-certified on an annual basis;
  • (9) Certify all peace officers within the Territory;
  • (10) Approve schools and prescribe minimum qualifications for instructors at approved schools and to train instructors;
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