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Social-Emotional Learning or Character Development

Social-Emotional Learning or Character Development

State law requires districts to integrate social-emotional learning or character education into the school curriculum.

17 V.I.C. § 41b Character education

(a) For the purposes of this section “Character Education” means a structured curriculum where the children of the Virgin Islands learn about character traits, including but not limited to, commitment, cooperation, courtesy, creativity, generosity, honesty, moderation, patience, patriotism, punctuality, respect, compassion for others, respect for the environment, school pride, self-discipline, tolerance, dignity and the necessity of hard work.

(b) The Department of Education shall establish a comprehensive elective character education program for grades K-12 grade consisting of not less than ten (10) minutes of instruction per day. Character education exercises may also include an assembly program to be held at least once a month.

(c) The curriculum developed by the Department of Education shall be adopted and approved by the Board of Education, in accordance with section 21 of this title. The Department of Education shall be the administrator of the character education program and shall:

  • (1) take all necessary steps to provide workshops and training for character education for school personnel; and
  • (2) secure the necessary teaching materials and equipment to implement the character education program in public schools in the Virgin Islands.

(d) The Department of Education shall seek federal funds for the purpose of initiating and maintaining the provisions of this section. Funds shall also be appropriated annually in the Department of Educations' budget. Grants, contributions, gifts and bequests may also be made available for purposes of this section.

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