Outline of the state of Maine

Policies or Plans to Encourage Community Involvement

Policies or Plans to Encourage Community Involvement

State law requires districts to adopt community involvement plans or policies.

Code of Maine Rules 05-071-138.04 Accreditation Standard

CLEAR and FOCUSED GOALS. The school has a clearly written statement reflective of the needs, beliefs and values of the school community. The statement is supported by written goals and objectives and is consistent with the unit's philosophy. The statement shows evidence of long and short-range planning and assures the involvement of teachers, administrators and community in the process of its development and evaluation.

COMMUNITY/SCHOOL RELATIONS. The school shall have a written, collaboratively planned program of community outreach which encourages parent/guardian and community involvement in the educational process toward the achievement of the school's goals and objectives. School goals., procedures, and student progress are regularly discussed with and communicated to parents/guardians and citizens.

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