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Policies or Plans to Encourage Community Involvement

Policies or Plans to Encourage Community Involvement

State law encourages districts to adopt community involvement plans or policies.

Oklahoma Administrative Code 210:35-3-21 Statement of the standard

The school establishes relationships with its parents and community that result in a feeling of mutual trust. These relationships are based on open, two-way communication. Parents and the community are involved in developing and monitoring the school’s expected outcomes. The school displays a willingness to respond to the parents and the community; and the community supports the school and its program.

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Oklahoma ESSA Consolidated State Plan

State ESSA plan builds on the state's 8-year strategic plan - "Strategy 3.2: Srengthen and increase family and community engagement to support student learning."

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Oklahoma Statutes 70-3-126. Educational improvement plans - Components - Exemptions from statutory requirements and State Board of Education rules.

A. A school district may develop an educational improvement plan which includes exemption from the educational-related statutory requirements set forth in subsection C of this section and State Board of Education rules for the school district, a school site or any program, grade level, consortium of schools or school districts or other group within the school district. The board of education of the school district shall, through adoption of a resolution, approve the plan prior to application being made to the State Board of Education.

B. Each educational improvement plan approved by the State Board of Education shall include the following components:

    1. A description of the educational benefits to be derived;
    1. A definition of the Standard of the plan;
    1. Development of definitive work products, such as site improvement plans and progress reports;
    1. Demonstration of collaboration by teachers, administrators, higher education representatives, students, parents/families, and the community;
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Oklahoma Statutes 70-5-130. School buildings and property - Permission to use for other purposes.

A. The board of education of any school district may, under such regulations and conditions as it may prescribe, encourage increased community involvement in the public schools. These regulations and conditions may include:

    1. Open any school building and permit the use of any property belonging to such district for religious, political, literary, community, cultural, scientific, mechanical, agricultural or parental involvement purposes, and other purposes of general public interest including the provision of public library services pursuant to agreements with governing boards or commissions of public libraries or library systems;
    1. Contract to provide transportation equipment as defined in Section 9-104 of this title for any purpose specified in paragraph 1 of this subsection; and
    1. Make a reasonable charge to cover the cost of the use of such building, property or transportation equipment.

B. The State Board of Education shall encourage each board of education to inquire into and promote the use of its school buildings and property for the purposes provided in subsection A of this section for such activities both before and after regular school hours.

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