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Policies or Plans to Encourage Community Involvement

Policies or Plans to Encourage Community Involvement

State law encourages districts to adopt community involvement plans or policies.

New Mexico Statutes 22-5-16. Advisory school councils; creation; duties.

C.  The school council shall:

  • (1)  work with the school principal and give advice, consistent with state and school district rules and policies, on policies relating to instructional issues and curricula and on the public school’s proposed and actual budgets;
  • (2)  develop creative ways to involve parents in the schools;
  • (3)  where appropriate, coordinate with any existing work force development boards or vocational education advisory councils to connect students and school academic programs to business resources and opportunities; and
  • (4)  serve as the champion for students in building community support for schools and encouraging greater community participation in the public schools.
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School District Wellness Policy Guidance Document

Manual addresses community involvement in School Health Advisory Councils to make recommendations to the local school board regarding the development or revision, implementation and evaluation of the wellness policy.

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