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Policies or Plans to Encourage Community Involvement

Policies or Plans to Encourage Community Involvement

State law requires districts to adopt community involvement plans or policies.

South Carolina Code of Laws 59-20-60 Spending priority; audits; evaluations and reports; statewide testing programs; innovation initiatives; school improvement councils; Education Finance Review Committee.

(4) Each plan shall provide for an Innovation Initiative, designed to encourage innovative and comprehensive approaches based on strategies identified in the research literature to be effective. The Innovation Initiative must be utilized by school districts to implement innovative approaches designed to improve student learning and accelerate the performance of all students. Funds may be expended on strategies in one or more of the following four categories:

  • (a) new approaches to what and how students learn by changing schooling in ways that provide a creative, flexible, and challenging education for all students, especially for those at risk. Performance-based outcomes which support a pedagogy of thinking and active approaches for learning must be supported;
  • (b) applying different teaching methods permitting professional educators at every level to focus on educational success for all students and on critical thinking skills and providing the necessary support for educational successes are encouraged;
  • (c) redefining how schools operate resulting in the decentralization of authority to the school site and allowing those closest to the students the flexibility to design the most appropriate education location and practice;
  • (d) creating appropriate relationships between schools and other social service agencies by improving relationships between the school and community agencies (health, social, mental health), parents and the business community, and by establishing procedures that cooperatively focus the resources of the greater community upon barriers to success in school, particularly in the areas of early childhood and parenting programs, after-school programs, and adolescent services.
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South Carolina Code of Laws 59-5-65 Powers and responsibilities of State Board of Education

(12)  Adopt policies and procedures to accomplish the following:

  • (a)  Have school personnel encourage advice and suggestions from the business community.
  • (b)  Have business organizations encourage their members to become involved in efforts to strengthen the public schools.
  • (c)  Encourage all schools and businesses to participate in adopt-a-school programs.
  • (d)  Encourage statewide businesses and their organizations to initiate a Public Education Foundation to fund exemplary and innovative projects which support improvement in the public schools.

(13)  Adopt policies and procedures to accomplish the following:

  • (a)  Expand school volunteer programs.
  • (b)  Encourage civic and professional organizations to participate in local adopt-a-school programs.

(14)  work with the leadership network established pursuant to Section 59-6-16.

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State of South Carolina ESSA Consolidated State Plan

Local education agencies are required to develop a written policy for parent/family engagement and community involvement

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