Outline of the state of Michigan
Encouraged or Required

Early Identification and Referral

Early Identification and Referral

State law encourages or requires districts to implement identification and referral processes to link students and families with needed resources.

Michigan Administrative Code R 340.1011 Role of school social worker

Rule 1. A school social worker may function in any of the following roles:

(a) Provide individual and group counseling to students and their families in need of assistance utilizing an ecological framework addressing variations in development and learning, as well as reciprocal influences of home, school, and community.

(b) Provide consultation, collaboration, and advisement services to students, their family members and school staff regarding students' social, emotional, and behavioral status impacting learning, development, mental health, and school success. Encourage developmentally appropriate student self-determination and self-advocacy.

(c) Implement school social work services within a multi-tiered intervention model for programs and services.

(d) Provide instruction, modeling, and coaching to students, parents, and school staff in the implementation of effective behavior intervention strategies and techniques. Provide ongoing guidance and training services to parents and school staff on topics pertinent to the development, mental health, and learning needs of students.

(e) Provide liaison, coordination, and case management services with schools, families, community agencies, and other resources to influence positive school outcomes for students.

Policy Type

Policy on Integrating Mental Health in Schools

Board policy addresses establishing early identification and referral processes and networks to link students with mental, behavioral health, or social services needs to intervention services.

Policy Type