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Suicide Prevention Policy

Suicide Prevention Policy

State law requires districts to adopt suicide prevention policies.

Idaho Administrative Code Safe Environment and Discipline.

Each school district will have a comprehensive districtwide policy and procedure encompassing the following:

  • School Climate
  • Discipline
  • Student Health
  • Violence Prevention
  • Possessing Weapons on Campus
  • Substance Abuse - Tobacco, Alcohol, and Other Drugs
  • Suicide Prevention
  • Student Harassment
  • Drug-free School Zones
  • Building Safety including Evacuation Drills
  • Relationship Abuse and Sexual Assault Prevention and Response
  • Districts will conduct an annual review of these policies and procedures. (See Section 33-1612) Effective date (3-20-14)
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Idaho Statutes 33-136 Suicide Prevention in Schools

(3) (a) Each public school district shall adopt a policy on student suicide prevention. Such policy shall, at a minimum, address procedures relating to suicide prevention, intervention and postvention. As used in this paragraph, "postvention" means counseling or other social care given to students after another student's suicide or attempted suicide.

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