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Suicide Prevention Policy

Suicide Prevention Policy

State law encourages districts to adopt suicide prevention policies.

Maryland Code 7-501. Legislative findings and declaration

The General Assembly finds and declares that:

  • (1) A statewide Youth Suicide Prevention School Program is essential to address the continuing problem of youth suicide throughout the State;
  • (2) The youth suicide problem often exists in combination with other problems, including drug abuse and alcohol use;
  • (3) A suicide prevention program for young people must emphasize a partnership between educational programs at the State and local levels and community suicide prevention and crisis center agencies;
  • (4) It is of vital importance that a statewide Youth Suicide Prevention School Program be established with shared responsibility at both the State and county levels, and that this cooperation shall be a major tool in efforts to achieve the successful prevention of youth suicide; and
  • (5) County suicide prevention and crisis center agencies along with local education agencies are best suited for developing and implementing programs for statewide youth suicide prevention.
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Maryland Code 7-502. Definitions

(a) In general. -- In this subtitle the following words have the meanings indicated. (b) Program. -- "Program" means a Youth Suicide Prevention School Program established under this subtitle. (c) Youth service bureau. -- "Youth service bureau" means a program defined under § 9-233 of the Human Services Article.

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Maryland Code 7-503. Establishment

(a) Authority to establish. --

  • (1) There is a statewide Youth Suicide Prevention School Program administered by the Department in cooperation with:

  • (i) Participating local education agencies;

  • (ii) Local community agencies involved in suicide prevention;

  • (iii) Local community mental health programs; and

  • (iv) Youth service bureaus.

  • (2) On or before October 1, 1986, the Department may establish a demonstration Youth Suicide Prevention School Program in cooperation with local education agencies in the following political subdivisions:

  • (i) Anne Arundel County;

  • (ii) Baltimore City;

  • (iii) Baltimore County;

  • (iv) Harford County;

  • (v) Howard County; and

  • (vi) Montgomery County.

(b) Local programs. -- Any political subdivision in the State may apply for assistance or grant funds under this subtitle to establish a local Youth Suicide Prevention School Program.

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Maryland Code 7-504. Eligibility guidelines; authorized programs

(a)  Regulations for eligibility guidelines. --

  • (1) The Department shall adopt regulations that set eligibility guidelines for State funding of Youth Suicide Prevention School Programs under this subtitle.
  • (2) The regulations shall:
  • (i) Establish procedures for developing local programs, in cooperation with local education agencies, youth service bureaus, and community mental health centers; and
  • (ii) Establish Standard and policies for programs to offer:
    1. Individual, family, and group counseling related to youth suicide prevention;
    1. Referral, crisis intervention, and information for students, parents, and school personnel; and
    1. Training for school personnel, and others responsible for counseling or supervising student activities.
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Maryland Code 7-505. Duties of Department; funding

(a) Duties of Department. -- The Department shall:

  • (1) As to each program receiving State funding:

  • (i) Monitor its operations; and

  • (ii) Evaluate annually its effectiveness; and

  • (2) Review and either approve or disapprove the application for State funding of a proposal program.

(b) Shared funding. --

  • (1) The funding of an eligible program shall be a shared responsibility of this State and local education agencies.
  • (2) Each eligible program shall submit to the Department a proposed annual budget for review and approval, at the times that the Department specifies.
  • (3) The proposed budget of the Department shall list the eligible programs and estimate the amount of State funds to be allocated to each.
  • (4) The Department shall seek federal funds for Youth Suicide Prevention School Programs under the Garret Lee Smith Memorial Act.

(c) Inclusion of funds in budgets. -- The State funds designated for Youth Suicide Prevention School Programs may be included in the budgets of:

  • (1) The Department; and
  • (2) The Maryland Department of Health.
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Maryland Code 7-506. Funds; reports

(a) Identification of funds. -- The local education agency and the local health department shall identify funds from public and private agencies for development and implementation of the Program. (b) Annual report to Governor. -- The Department shall submit an annual report to the Governor and, subject to § 2-1257 of the State Government Article, the General Assembly regarding the current status and effectiveness of the Programs established under this subtitle. (c) Governor to include funds in budget. -- The Governor shall include funds in the budget to carry out the provisions of this subtitle.

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