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Suicide Prevention Policy

Suicide Prevention Policy

State law requires districts to adopt suicide prevention policies.

Code of Maine Rules 05.071.038 Suicide Awareness and Prevention in Maine Public Schools

IV. Protocols for suicide prevention and intervention

  • A. School administrative units shall have protocols for suicide prevention and intervention and counseling services after an incident of youth suicide.

    1. Protocols shall be based on the best practices established and maintained by the National Alliance on Mental Illness Maine or a similar organization authorized by the Department of Health and Human Services through its suicide prevention program and the Maine Department of Education.
    1. The protocol development resources developed by the department will provide protocol templates, models and examples of forms, protocols and flow charts that can be adapted as needed by SAUs.
    1. The SAUs will certify to the Maine Department of Education that the required protocols are in place.
  • B. Protocols shall be in place 2019-2020 school year.

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Maine Revised Statutes 34-B 3007. Teenage Suicide Prevention Program

The department shall, in cooperation with the Department of Education and the “local action councils” funded in Public Law 1987, chapter 349, Part A under the heading “Human Services, Department of,” develop a teenage suicide prevention strategy and a model suicide prevention program to be presented in the secondary schools of the State. Development of such a program must include preparation of relevant educational materials that must be distributed in the schools.

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