Outline of the state of Maryland

Parent Supports and Education Programs

Parent Supports and Education Programs

State law encourages districts to implement parent education or support programs to address family needs.

Maryland Code 7-504 Eligibility guidelines; authorized programs

b) Authorized programs. -- A Youth Suicide Prevention School Program established under this subtitle shall plan, fund, and implement educational programs, which may include any of the following:

  • (2) School or community based alternative programs outside of the classroom, including:
  • (vi) Parent education and training programs; and
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Maryland Code 9.9-102 Purpose

The purpose of a community school is to help students and families overcome the in-school and out-of-school barriers that prevent children from learning and succeeding over the course of their lives by having an integrated focus on academics, health and social services, youth and community development, and familial and community engagement.

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Maryland Code 9.9-103 Established; responsibilities

(a) Established. -- There are community schools in the State.

(b) Responsibilities. -- A community school shall:

  • (1) Promote active family and community engagement, including educational opportunities for adults and family members of students at the school who live in the neighborhood of the school;
  • (2) Have a dedicated staff member, as described under § 9.9-104 of this title, to coordinate support programs that address out-of-school learning barriers for students and families that may include:
  • (i) Tutoring;
  • (ii) English language learner courses;
  • (iii) Early childhood development and parenting classes;
  • (iv) College and career advising;
  • (v) Employment opportunities;
  • (vi) Citizenship education;
  • (vii) Food pantries; and
  • (viii) School-based mental and physical health services;
  • (3) Promote expanded and enriched learning time and opportunities provided after school, during weekends, and in the summer that emphasize mastering 21st-century skills through practical learning opportunities and community problem-solving;
  • (4) Promote collaborative leadership and practices that empower parents, students, teachers, principals, and community partners to build a culture of professional learning, collective trust, and shared responsibility using strategies such as site-based leadership teams and teacher learning communities;
  • (5) Have a parent teacher organization or a school family council; and
  • (6) Have a community school leadership team.
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Maryland Code 9.9-107 Funding; eligible interventions; academic services; assistance and support.

(b) Eligible interventions. -- Eligible interventions for which a community school may receive funding include academic services, parental involvement programs, physical and mental health services, and community involvement programs.

(c) (2) Parental involvement programs include:

  • (i) Programs that promote and encourage parental involvement and family literacy;
  • (ii) Parent leadership development and advocacy activities; and
  • (iii) Parenting education activities.
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