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Parent Supports and Education Programs

Parent Supports and Education Programs

State law requires districts to implement parent education or support programs to address family needs.

Utah Code 53G-9-703. Parent education -- Mental health -- Bullying -- Safety.

(1)(a) Except as provided in Subsection (3), a school district shall offer a seminar for parents of students in the school district that:

  • (i) is offered at no cost to parents;
  • (ii) begins at or after 6 p.m.;
  • (iii) is held in at least one school located in the school district; and
  • (iv) covers the topics described in Subsection (2).

(b)(i) A school district shall annually offer one parent seminar for each 11,000 students enrolled in the school district.

  • (ii) Notwithstanding Subsection (1)(b)(i), a school district may not be required to offer more than three seminars.

(c) A school district may:

  • (i) develop its own curriculum for the seminar described in Subsection (1)(a); or
  • (ii) use the curriculum developed by the state board under Subsection (2).

(d) A school district shall notify each charter school located in the attendance boundaries of the school district of the date and time of a parent seminar, so the charter school may inform parents of the seminar.

(2) The state board shall: (a) develop a curriculum for the parent seminar described in Subsection (1) that includes information on:

  • (i) substance abuse, including illegal drugs and prescription drugs and prevention;
  • (ii) bullying;
  • (iii) mental health, depression, suicide awareness, and suicide prevention, including education on limiting access to fatal means;
  • (iv) Internet safety, including pornography addiction; and
  • (v) the SafeUT and Crisis Line established in Section 53B-17-120253B-17-1202; and

(b) provide the curriculum, including resources and training, to school districts upon request.

(3)(a) A school district is not required to offer the parent seminar if the local school board determines that the topics described in Subsection (2) are not of significant interest or value to families in the school district.

(b) If a local school board chooses not to offer the parent seminar, the local school board shall notify the state board and provide the reasons why the local school board chose not to offer the parent seminar.

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