Arkansas - HE K-12 curriculum—violence prevention (HS): Curricula

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State law addresses violence prevention.

2017 Arkansas 6-16-1004. Dating violence awareness

(a) Annually, in either the month of October for a one-semester course taught in the fall or the month of February for a one-semester course taught in the spring, a unit on dating violence awareness shall be taught as a component of a health course offered in grades seven through twelve (7-12).

(b) A unit on dating violence awareness shall:

  • (1) Focus on healthy relationships, including the characteristics of healthy relationships;

  • (2) Teach students the definition of dating violence and abuse, including without limitation:

    • (A) Warning signs of dating violence and abusive behavior; and

    • (B) Measures to stop or prevent dating violence and abusive behavior;

  • (3) Inform students about resources and reporting procedures for dating violence or abuse; and

  • (4) Examine the common misconceptions and stereotypes about dating violence and abuse.

2017 Arkansas Code 6-64-418. College of Public Health collaboration

It is recommended that the Department of Health Behavior and Health Education of the Fay W. Boozman College of Public Health of the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences collaborate with each education service cooperative, community health agencies, school nurses, school counselors, and educators employed in public and private schools to introduce age-appropriate, research-supported, child abuse prevention curriculum to and on behalf of the children of Arkansas in the public and private schools.

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