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Addresses at least one component

Sexual Health Education General—ES

Sexual Health Education General—ES

State law addresses at least one component of a comprehensive sex education curriculum, appropriate to grade level.

Code of Maryland Regulations 13A.04.18.01 Comprehensive Health Education Instructional Programs for Grades Prekindergarten—12.

Family Life and Human Sexuality. (1) Students will demonstrate the ability to use human development knowledge, social skills, and health enhancing strategies to promote positive relationships and healthy growth and development throughout the life cycle.

(2) The local school system shall establish a joint committee of educators and representatives of the community for the purpose of reviewing and commenting on instructional material to be submitted to the superintendent for consideration when recommending instructional material to be approved by the local Board of Education.

(3) Materials and Instruction.

  • (a) Material being presented will be in identifiable unit(s) within the total health education program.
  • (b) Instruction shall be introduced as shortly in advance of puberty as is practical.
  • (c) Direct teaching of the indicators and objectives will begin in or prior to the fifth grade.

(4) Written notification is made to parents/guardians announcing this unit of study.

Policy Type

Maryland Code 7-445 Instruction on consent and respect for personal boundaries

(a) In this section, “consent” means the unambiguous and voluntary agreement between all participants in each physical act within the course of interpersonal relationships, including respect for personal boundaries. In general

(b) Beginning in the 2018-2019 school year, a county board shall provide age-appropriate instruction on the meaning of “consent” and respect for personal boundaries as part of the Family Life and Human Sexuality curriculum in every grade in which the curriculum is taught in public schools in the county

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