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Chronic Conditions—Asthma Plan

Chronic Conditions—Asthma Plan

State law addresses asthma plans.

Sample Asthma Policies

This page contains sample district asthma policies and sample asthma action plans.

Policy Type

Wisconsin Statutes and Annotations 118.292 Possession and use of epinephrine auto-injectors.

(1r) While in school, at a school-sponsored activity or under the supervision of a school authority, an asthmatic pupil may possess and use a metered dose inhaler or dry powder inhaler if all of the following are true:

  • (a) The pupil uses the inhaler before exercise to prevent the onset of asthmatic symptoms or uses the inhaler to alleviate asthmatic symptoms.
  • (b) The pupil has the written approval of the pupil's physician and, if the pupil is a minor, the written approval of the pupil's parent or guardian.
  • (c) The pupil has provided the school principal with a copy of the approval or approvals under par. (b).
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