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Concussion Head Injuries

Concussion Head Injuries

State law addresses concussions/return to play.

Oklahoma Statutes 70-24-155. Concussion information - Removal from practice or game - Reinstatement

C. Each school district board of education and youth sports organization or association shall develop policies andprocedures pursuant to subsection B of this section to inform and educate their respective coaches, game officials, team officials, athletes and their parents or guardians of the nature and risk of concussion and head injury, includingcontinuing to play after concussion or head injury. On an annual basis, information regarding concussion and head injuries shall be disseminated to the athlete and his or her parent or guardian. Acknowledgment and understanding ofthe information shall be completed by the athlete and the athlete's parent or guardian and maintained by the school or the youth sports organization or association prior to the athlete's participation in practice or competition.

  1. On an annual basis, game officials and team officials shall undergo concussion training provided by the CDC, the NFHS or a comparable program or resource. A record of completion of the training course shall be readily available upon request.
  2. If any game official or team official responsible for the care and safety of an athlete in an athletic event becomes aware or suspects an athlete is exhibiting signs, symptoms or behaviors consistent with having sustained a concussion or head injury, he or she shall remove the athlete from the practice or competition.
  3. If an athlete is removed from practice or competition as provided in paragraph 2 of this subsection, the athlete shall not, on the same day the athlete is removed, be permitted to return to that practice or competition or to participate in any other practice or competition, unless deemed eligible pursuant to the provisions of paragraph 4 of this subsection.
  4. An athlete who has been removed from participation as provided in paragraph 2 of this subsection may not participate until the athlete is evaluated by a health care provider and receives written clearance to return to participation from that health care provider. The health care provider may be a volunteer. A health care provider, game official or team official, whether volunteer or employee, shall not be liable for civil damages for injury, death or loss to person or property allegedly arising from any act or omission in providing services or performing duties unless the acts or omissions constituting gross negligence or willful or wanton misconduct.
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