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State law addresses vaccinations.

Required Immunizations

This site summarizes the required immunizations for child care facilities and schools.

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Tennessee Adminstrative Rules and Regulations 1200-14-01-.29 Immunization Against Certain Diseases Prior to School Attendance in Tennessee

(1) Every nursery school, day care center, Head Start center, Kindergarten, or other pre-school, day care or grades Kindergarten through twelve of any public, private, or church related school shall obtain proof of adequate immunization against diphtheria, measles (rubeola), pertussis (whooping cough), poliomyelitis, rubella, mumps, hepatitis B and tetanus on the form prescribed by the Commissioner (unless otherwise exempted by law) prior to admitting a child. It shall be the duty of the school to enforce the provisions of this regulation, subject to the exemptions as set out in T.C.A. § 49-6-5001(b).

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Tennessee Code Annotated 49-6-5001. General provisions

(a) The commissioner of health is authorized, subject to the approval of the public health council, to designate diseases against which children must be immunized prior to attendance at any school, nursery school, kindergarten, preschool or child care facility of this state.


  • (1) It is the responsibility of the parents or guardian of children to have their children immunized, as required by subsection (a).

  • (2) In the absence of an epidemic or immediate threat of an epidemic, this section shall not apply to any child whose parent or guardian files with school authorities a signed, written statement that the immunization and other preventive measures conflict with the parent's or guardian's religious tenets and practices, affirmed under the penalties of perjury.

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