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State law addresses vaccinations.

Illinois Administrative Code 77-665.230 School Entrance

a) Every child, prior to enrolling in any public, private, independent or parochial school (including nursery schools, preschool programs, early childhood programs, Head Start, or other pre-kindergarten child care programs offered or operated by a school or school district) in Illinois shall present to that school proof of immunity against:

  • 1) Diphtheria
  • 2) Pertussis
  • 3) Tetanus
  • 4) Poliomyelitis
  • 5) Measles
  • 6) Rubella
  • 7) Mumps
  • 8) Haemophilus influenzae type b (as noted in Section 665.240(h))
  • 9) Hepatitis B (as noted in Section 665.240(i))
  • 10) Varicella (as noted in Section 665.240(j))
  • 11) Invasive pneumococcal disease (except as noted in Section 665.240(k))
  • 12) Meningococcal disease (except as noted in Section 665.240(l))

b) The health care provider or registered nurse verifying the administration of the required immunizations shall record as indicated on the Certificate of Child Health Examination that the immunizations were administered.

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Middle School Health Starts Here: SCHOOL NURSE TOOLKIT

Toolkit provides information and communication resources for school nurses to inform parents about teen health needs, including the HPV vaccine.

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