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Physical Education K-12 Curriculum—ES

Physical Education K-12 Curriculum—ES

State law requires elementary PE curriculum.

200-RICR-20-10-1.2.1 A Guaranteed and Viable Curriculum

  1. Each LEA shall ensure that the coherent and coordinated K-12 curriculum for physical education includes:
    • a. Movement Forms and Principles, Motor Skills, Physical Activity, Personal Fitness, Personal and Social Responsibility, and Influences on Physical Activity;
    • b. Student assessments that address all Standard and instructional objectives, including the appropriate use of fitness testing;
    • c. Sequential, comprehensive, and developmentally appropriate instruction K-12;
    • d. Development of personal fitness plans, at least at the secondary level;
    • e. Instructional strategies that keep all students active at least 50% of class time; and
    • f. Compliance with statutory requirements for instructional time as well as with other requirements in the Rules and Regulations for School Health Programs.
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216-RICR-20-10-4.8 Physical Education Curriculum

A. The physical education curriculum must:

  1. Be sequential and comprehensive for grades Kindergarten-12;
  2. Be aligned with the Rhode Island Physical Education Framework Standard incorporated at § 4.3(C) of this Part;
  3. Include Standard-based goals, objectives, examples of teaching and learning strategies and materials, and assessment; and
  4. Be developmentally appropriate so that all students can achieve high Standard.
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State of Rhode Island General Laws § 16-22-4. Instruction in health and physical education.

(a) All children in grades one through twelve (12) attending public schools, or any other schools managed and controlled by the state, shall receive in those schools instruction in health and physical education under rules and regulations the department of elementary and secondary education may prescribe or approve during periods that shall average at least twenty (20) minutes in each school day.

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