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Physical Education K-12 Curriculum—MS

Physical Education K-12 Curriculum—MS

State law requires middle school PE curriculum.

Code of Vermont Rules 22-000-003-2120.5 Curriculum Content

Each supervisory union board shall ensure the written and delivered curriculum within their supervisory union is aligned with the Standard approved by the State Board of Education. Each school shall enable students to engage annually inrigorous, relevant and comprehensive learning opportunities that allows them to demonstrate proficiency in

  • a. literacy (including critical thinking, language, reading, speaking and listening, and writing);
  • b. mathematical content and practices (including numbers, operations, and the concepts of algebra and geometry bythe end of grade 10);
  • c. scientific inquiry and content knowledge (including the concepts of life sciences, physical sciences, earth and space sciences and engineering design);
  • d. global citizenship (including the concepts of civics, economics, geography, world language, cultural studies and history);
  • e. physical education and health education as defined in 16 V.S.A. §131;
  • f. artistic expression (including visual, media and performing arts); and
  • g. transferable skills (including communication, collaboration, creativity, innovation, inquiry, problem solving and the use of technology
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The Vermont Statues 16-023-001-906 Course of Study

(b) For purposes of this title, the minimum course of study means learning experiences adapted to a student's age and ability in the fields of:

  • (1) basic communication skills, including reading, writing, and the use of numbers;
  • (2) citizenship, history, and government in Vermont and the United States;
  • (3) physical education and comprehensive health education, including the effects of tobacco, alcoholic drinks, and drugs on the human system and on society;
  • (4) English, American, and other literature;
  • (5) the natural sciences; and
  • (6) the fine arts.
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