Outline of the state of Wyoming
Required for all grades

Physical Education K-12 Curriculum—MS

Physical Education K-12 Curriculum—MS

State law requires middle school PE curriculum.

Wyoming Administrative Rules 206.0002.10.08152018 Wyoming Content and Performance Standard

Section 4. Uniform Content and Performance Standard. (a)(v) 2012 Wyoming Health Content and Performance Standard as approved by the Wyoming State Board of Education on April 27, 2012;

Policy Type

Wyoming Statutes 21-9-101. Educational programs for schools; Standard; core of knowledge and skills

(b) Each school district within the state shall provide educational programs sufficient to meet uniform student content and performance Standard at the level established by the state board of education in the following areas of knowledge and skills:

  • (i) Common core of knowledge:
    • (A) Reading/language arts;
    • (B) Social studies;
    • (C) Mathematics;
    • (D) Science;
    • (E) Fine arts and performing arts;
    • (F) Physical education;
    • (G) Health and safety;
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