Outline of the state of Georgia
Allows districts to seek waivers from PE requirements

Physical Education Waiver State Level

Physical Education Waiver State Level

State law allows PE waiver.

Official Code of Georgia Annotated 20-2-244. Waiver requests by a local board of education; requirements for application for waiver; period of waiver; blanket waivers

(a) The State Board of Education is authorized to waive specifically identified state rules, regulations, policies, and procedures, or provisions of this chapter, upon the request of a local board of education and in accordance with this Code section. The goal for each waiver shall be improvement of student performance.

(b) The State Board of Education is not authorized to waive any federal, state, and local rules, regulations, court orders, and statutes relating to civil rights; insurance; the protection of the physical health and safety of school students, employees, and visitors; conflicting interest transactions; the prevention of unlawful conduct; any laws relating to unlawful conduct in or near a public school; any reporting requirements pursuant to Code Section 20-2-320 or Chapter 14 of this title; the requirements of Code Section 20-2-210; the requirements of Code Section 20-2-211.1; or the requirements in subsection (c) of Code Section 20-2-327. A school or school system that has received a waiver shall remain subject to the provisions of Part 3 of Article 2 of Chapter 14 of this title, the requirement that it shall not charge tuition or fees to its students except as may be authorized for local boards by Code Section 20-2-133, and shall remain open to enrollment in the same manner as before the waiver request.

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