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Required, but no plans for reviews or updates

Emergency Operations Plans

Emergency Operations Plans

State law requires districts to develop school emergency operations plans (EOPs) that do not include procedures for plan review or update.

South Carolina Code of Laws 59-5-65 Powers and responsibilites of State Board of Education

The State Board of Education shall have the power and responsibility to: (15)  Develop by regulation a model safe schools checklist to be used by school districts on a regular basis to assess their schools’ safety strengths and weaknesses. The checklist must include:

  • (a)  the existence of a comprehensive safety plan;
  • (b)  communication of discipline policies and procedures;
  • (c)  intraagency and interagency emergency planning;
  • (d)  recording of disruptive incidents;
  • (e)  training of staff and students;
  • (f)  assessment of buildings and grounds;
  • (g)  procedures for handling visitors;
  • (h)  assignment of personnel in emergencies;
  • (i)  emergency communication and management procedures; and
  • (j)  transportation rules and accident procedures.

(16)  consult with the Department of Agricultural Education of Clemson University at all steps in the development of any state plan prepared to satisfy any federal requirement related to the Carl Perkins Vocational and Applied Technology and Education Act or any successor federal law, including, but not limited to, the allocation or distribution of funds under this federal act.

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South Carolina Code of State Regulations 43-166 Student and School Safety

D. Emergency and Disaster Plans A plan shall be designed to provide for the protection and welfare of students in the event of any disaster (tornado, hurricane, fire, etc.) which threatens to involve the school community. Each school shall conduct at least one emergency drill within the first month of school to insure safety against such disasters.

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