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Required, with regular reviews and updates

Emergency Operations Plans

Emergency Operations Plans

State law requires districts to develop school emergency operations plans (EOPs) that include procedures for plan review and update.

Alaska Statutes 14.33.100 Required school crisis response planning.

(a) Each district shall develop a model school crisis response plan for use by each school in the district. Each school in a district shall develop a school specific crisis response plan. Each school shall form a crisis response team consisting of the principal, one certified and one classified member of the school staff, and one parent whose child attends the school. The crisis response team may include one member of the governing board or advisory school board, a school counselor, a member from local law enforcement authorities, and one student in grade 10 or higher if the school has those grades. The district and each school within the district shall consult with local social services agencies and local law enforcement authorities when developing the school crisis response plan. (b) A school specific crisis response plan must meet Standard as determined by the department by regulation. A school specific crisis response plan must include

  • (1) the person in charge and a designated substitute;
  • (2) the names of the crisis response team members and their specific job functions relating to a crisis;
  • (3) a communication plan;
  • (4) protocols for responding to immediate physical harm of students, faculty, or staff and to traumatic events, including the period after the events have concluded;
  • (5) disaster and emergency procedures to respond to earthquakes, fire, flood, explosions, or other events or conditions in which death or serious injury is likely;
  • (6) crisis procedures for safe entrance to and exit from the school by students, parents, and employees, including an evacuation and lockdown plan; and
  • (7) policies for enforcing school discipline and maintaining a safe and orderly environment during the crisis. (c) Each district shall annually review and update as appropriate each school’s crisis response plan. A copy of each school’s crisis response plan, as annually updated, shall be retained by the district and a copy provided to each local agency that has a role in the plan. Notice of completion of the annual review and update and the location of a school’s crisis response plan shall be posted at each school in the district. A school crisis response plan shall be printed and available for inspection by the public.
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