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Threat Assessment

Threat Assessment

State law regulation or district policy requires districts to adopt threat assessment policies.

Oregon Revised Statutes 339.341 Statewide School Safety and Prevention System; rules

(2) The Department of Education shall establish and maintain the Statewide School Safety and Prevention System. (3) The system required under this section shall consist of the following:

  • (c) Assistance to school districts and education service districts in implementing a multidisciplinary student safety assessment system to identify, assess and support students who present a potential risk for violence to others. Multidisciplinary school safety assessment teams shall be made available to assist each school district and education service district in assessing students who are engaged in violence or who are posing a threat of violence to others. The teams shall:
  • (A) Assess potential danger and identify circumstances and risk factors that may increase risk for potential violence;
  • (B) Develop management and intervention plans in collaboration with community partners; and
  • (C) Connect students and families to community resources and supports.
  • (d) Promotion and use of the statewide school safety tip line established by ORS 339.329. School safety and prevention specialists, as described in subsection (4) of this section, shall work collaboratively with the Oregon State Police to support school districts and education service districts in accessing and implementing the school safety tip line.
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