Outline of the state of Missouri

Bullying Policy—Consequences

Bullying Policy—Consequences

State law addresses disciplinary consequences for bullying behavior.

Missouri Revised Statutes 160.775 Antibullying policy required

I-8--The district provides a safe and orderly environment for all students and staff.

    1. Students and staff indicate that they feel safe at school.
    1. The district provides staff, teachers, parents, and students access to the district's written code of conduct, which specifies unacceptable student behavior and consequences for that behavior. The code of conduct is enforced during school, on school property, on district-provided transportation, and during school-sponsored events, regardless of whether the events occur on or off of school property.
    1. Standard of conduct are consistently and equitably enforced by all staff.
    1. Violence-prevention instruction, including information on preventing and responding to illegal harassment and bullying, has been provided for all students and staff.
    1. Data are gathered on student violence, substance abuse, and bullying and are used to modify programs and strategies to ensure safe and orderly schools.
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