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Gang Prevention

Gang Prevention

State law encourages districts to adopt gang prevention policies or requires districts to implement stand-alone gang prevention strategies or approaches (e.g., gang detection training, gang prevention education).

Missouri Code of State Regulations 5 20-400.390 State Level Professional Development Funds for Statewide Areas of Critical Need for Learning and Development

(1) The primary purpose of the state-level professional development moneys is to address statewide areas of critical need, provided the following two (2) areas shall constitute priority uses for such money:

  • (A) Funding operation of state management teams in school districts with academically deficient schools and providing resources specified by the management team as needed in these districts; and

  • (B) Funding for grants to school districts for resources identified as necessary by the district for those districts which are failing to achieve assessment Standard.

(2) The statewide areas of critical need for learning and development include:

  • (J) Implementing and promoting programs to combat gang activity, violence and weaponry in the schools of the state.
Policy Type

Missouri Revised Statutes 161.650 Department to identify and adopt violence prevention program district to administer

1.  The department of elementary and secondary education shall identify and adopt an existing program or programs of educational instruction regarding violence prevention to be administered by public school districts pursuant to subsection 2 of this section, and which shall include, but shall not be limited to, instructing students of the negative consequences, both to the individual and to society at large, of membership in or association with criminal street gangs or participation in criminal street gang activity, as those phrases are defined in section 578.421, and shall include related training for school district employees directly responsible for the education of students concerning violence prevention and early identification of and intervention in violent behavior. The state board of education shall adopt such program or programs by rule as approved for use in Missouri public schools. The program or programs of instruction shall encourage nonviolent conflict resolution of problems facing youth; present alternative constructive activities for the students; encourage community participation in program instruction, including but not limited to parents and law enforcement officials; and shall be administered as appropriate for different grade levels and shall not be offered for academic credit.

2.  All public school districts within this state with the approval of the district’s board of education may administer the program or programs of student instruction adopted pursuant to subsection 1 of this section to students within the district starting at the kindergarten level and every year thereafter through the twelfth-grade level.

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