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Bullying Policy—Consequences

Bullying Policy—Consequences

State law addresses disciplinary consequences for bullying behavior.

8 New York Codes, Rules and Regulations 100.2 General school requirements.

(g) disciplinary measures to be taken for incidents on school property or at school functions involving harassment, bullying and/or discrimination; (h) provisions for responding to acts of harassment, bullying, and/or discrimination against students by employees or students pursuant to clause (b) of this subparagraph which, with respect to such acts against students by students, incorporate a progressive model of student discipline that includes measured, balanced and age-appropriate remedies and procedures that make appropriate use of prevention, education, intervention and discipline, and considers among other things, the nature and severity of the offending student's behavior(s), the developmental age of the student, the previous disciplinary record of the student and other extenuating circumstances, and the impact the student's behaviors had on the individual(s) who was physically injured and/or emotionally harmed. Responses shall be reasonably calculated to end the harassment, bullying, and/or discrimination, prevent recurrence, and eliminate the hostile environment. This progressive model of student discipline shall be consistent with the other provisions of the code of conduct.

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New York Consolidated Laws 13. Policies and guidelines.

The board of education and the trustees or sole trustee of every school district shall create policies, procedures and guidelines that shall include, but not be limited to:

  1. Policies and procedures intended to create a school environment that is free from harassment, bullying and discrimination, that include but are not limited to provisions which: [...]
    • e. require the school, when an investigation reveals any such verified harassment, bullying or discrimination, to take prompt actions reasonably calculated to end the harassment, bullying or discrimination, eliminate any hostile environment, create a more positive school culture and climate, prevent recurrence of the behavior, and ensure the safety of the student or students against whom such harassment, bullying or discrimination was directed. Such actions shall be consistent with the guidelines created pursuant to subdivision four of this section; [...]
    • i. require the principal, superintendent or the principal’s or superintendent’s designee, to notify promptly the appropriate local law enforcement agency when such principal, superintendent or the principal’s or superintendent’s designee, believes that any harassment, bullying or discrimination constitutes criminal conduct;
    • j. include appropriate references to the provisions of the school district’s code of conduct adopted pursuant to section twenty-eight hundred one of this chapter that are relevant to harassment, bullying and discrimination; [...]
      1. Guidelines relating to the development of measured, balanced and age-appropriate responses to instances of harassment, bullying or discrimination by students, with remedies and procedures following a progressive model that make appropriate use of intervention, discipline and education, vary in method according to the nature of the behavior, the developmental age of the student and the student’s history of problem behaviors, and are consistent with the district’s code of conduct;
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