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Bullying Policy—Consequences

Bullying Policy—Consequences

State law addresses disciplinary consequences for bullying behavior.

North Dakota Century Code 15.1-19-18. Bullying - Prohibition by policy

  1. Each school district shall adopt a policy providing that while at a public school, on school district premises, in a district owned or leased schoolbus or school vehicle, or at any public school or school district sanctioned or sponsored activity or event, a student may not:

    • a. Engage in bullying; or
    • b. Engage in reprisal or retaliation against:
    • (1) A victim of bullying;
    • (2) An individual who witnesses an alleged act of bullying;
    • (3) An individual who reports an alleged act of bullying; or
    • (4) An individual who provides information about an alleged act of bullying.
  2. The policy required by this section must:

    • a. Include a definition of bullying that at least encompasses the conduct described in section 15.1-19-17;
    • b. Establish procedures for reporting and documenting alleged acts of bullying, reprisal, or retaliation, and include procedures for anonymous reporting of such acts;
    • c. Establish procedures, including timelines, for school district personnel to follow in investigating reports of alleged bullying, reprisal, or retaliation;
    • d. Establish a schedule for the retention of any documents generated while investigating reports of alleged bullying, reprisal, or retaliation;
    • e. Set forth the disciplinary measures applicable to an individual who engaged in bullying or who engaged in reprisal or retaliation, as set forth in subsection 1;
    • f. Require the notification of law enforcement personnel if school district personnel have a reasonable suspicion that a crime might have occurred on or off school district property;
    • g. Establish strategies to protect a victim of bullying, reprisal, or retaliation; and
    • h. Establish disciplinary measures to be imposed upon an individual who makes a false accusation, report, or complaint pertaining to bullying, reprisal, or retaliation.
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