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Multi-tiered Positive Behavior Supports

Multi-tiered Positive Behavior Supports

State law requires districts to implement school-wide positive behavioral supports or tiered frameworks.

Missouri Code of State Regulations 5 20-100.255 Missouri School Improvement Program-5 Resource and Process Standard and Indicators

I-3--The district identifies and provides effective differentiated learning and behavioral support systems for all students.

    1. A written process is in place for the early identification and implementation of differentiated learning and behavioral supports for all students.
    1. Learning and behavioral supports are identified and coordinated at the classroom, building, and district level.
    1. The district uses a variety of student and program data to monitor, evaluate, and inform decision-making to identify and implement successful learning and behavioral supports.
    1. The district collaborates with community partners to provide information and resources to students and parents to address barriers impacting student success, including but not limited to academic, physical, and mental health needs.
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