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School Climate Surveys

School Climate Surveys

State law, regulation, or district policy requires districts to administer school climate surveys.

Kentucky Administrative Regulations 703 5:270. Kentucky's Accountability System.

Section 2. Kentucky's accountability system that is used to classify schools and LEAs shall include the indicators of: proficiency; separate academic indicator for science, social studies, and writing; growth; transition readiness; quality of school climate and safety; and graduation rate.

  • (1) The proficiency indicator shall be measured by student performance on state tests in reading and mathematics.
  • (2) A separate academic indicator shall be measured by student performance on state tests in science, social studies, and writing.
  • (3) The growth indicator shall be calculated at the elementary and middle school levels. The growth indicator shall be measured:
  • (a) Based on a growth value table in reading and mathematics; and
  • (b) Progress toward achieving English proficiency by English learners.
  • (4) The quality of school climate and safety indicator shall include perception data from surveys that measure insight to the school environment.
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Kentucky Revised Statutes 158.4416 Trauma-informed approach to education — Definitions — School counselor or school-based mental health services provider to facilitate creation of trauma-informed team — Training and guidance of school personnel to assist in recognizing and dealing with issues of student trauma — Application to charter schools — Collaboration for provision of services between two or more school districts or between school districts and educational cooperatives, or other public or private entities — Annual report to department of number and placement of school counselors in each district, source of funding, summary of job duties, and percentage of time devoted to each duty — Department of Education to make available toolkits to develop trauma-informed approach in schools — Plan and strategies for implementing trauma-informed approach.

(5) On or before July 1, 2021, each local board of education and board of a public charter school shall develop a plan for implementing a trauma-informed approach in its schools. The plan shall include but not be limited to strategies for:

  • (a) Enhancing trauma awareness throughout the school community;
  • (b) Conducting an assessment of the school climate, including but not limited to inclusiveness and respect for diversity;
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