Outline of the state of Kentucky
Includes all components of U.S. Department of Education recommendations

Bullying Harassment and Intimidation Policy

Bullying Harassment and Intimidation Policy

State law requires districts to adopt comprehensive anti-bullying policies addressing all U.S. Department of Education-recommended policy requirements.


Model policy stating: Harassment/Discrimination is prohibited at all times on school property and off school grounds during school-sponsored activities.

Policy Type

Kentucky Revised Statutes 158.148 Local code of acceptable behavior and discipline


  • (a) Each local board of education shall be responsible for formulating a code of acceptable behavior and discipline to apply to the students in each school operated by the board. The code shall be updated no less frequently than every two (2) years, with the first update being completed by November 30, 2008.
  • (b) The superintendent, or designee, shall be responsible for overall implementation and supervision, and each school principal shall be responsible for administration and implementation within each school. Each school council shall select and implement the appropriate discipline and classroom management techniques necessary to carry out the code. The board shall establish a process for a two-way communication system for teachers and other employees to notify a principal, supervisor, or other administrator of an existing emergency.
  • (c) The code shall prohibit bullying.
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