Outline of the state of Utah

School Climate Surveys

School Climate Surveys

State law, regulation, or district policy requires districts to administer school climate surveys.

Utah Code 53G-8-802. State Safety and Support Program — State board duties.

(1) There is created the State Safety and Support Program.

(2) The state board shall:

  • (i) create a model school climate survey that may be used by an LEA to assess stakeholder perception of a school environment and adopt rules:
  • (i) requiring an LEA to:
  • (A) create or adopt and disseminate a school climate survey; and
  • (B) disseminate the school climate survey;
  • (ii) recommending the distribution method, survey frequency, and sample size of the survey; and
  • (iii) specifying the areas of content for the school climate survey; and
  • (j) collect aggregate data and school climate survey results from each LEA.

(3) Nothing in this section requires an individual to respond to a school climate survey.

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