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State Models and Supports—Social Emotional Climate

State Models and Supports—Social Emotional Climate

State law requires state agencies to develop models and guidance for districts to promote positive social and emotional climate.

Iowa Administrative Code 281-66.1 Responsibilities of the department of education.

The department of education shall:

  • 66.7(1) Provide guidelines and forms to school districts for submitting program plans.
  • 66.7(2) Provide technical assistance to school districts, other education agencies and service providers in the development of plans.
  • 66.7(3) Organize reviews and approval of written plans in at least three size categories of school districts including those below an enrollment of 1,200; between 1,200 and 4,999; and 5,000 and above. The process will give priority to need and plans that indicate high degrees of active participation by community-based youth organizations and agencies. Review criteria and a point system are contained in guidelines for school-based youth services programs.
  • 66.7(4) Develop and administer a format for evaluation. An annual evaluation report shall be filed with the department of education by school districts following the close of each school year.
  • 66.7(5) Provide technical assistance to school districts and other service providers in designing preservice and in-service training.
  • 66.7(6) Consult with the departments of human services, human rights (division of criminal and juvenile justice planning), public health, economic development (division of job training and entrepreneurship assistance) and employment services (division of job services) to develop rules, administer programs, and monitor and evaluate programs.
  • 66.7(7) Establish assistance through the F.I.N.E. Foundation and other foundations and public and private agencies in evaluating programs under this chapter and to provide support to school districts in implementing the funded programs.
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